From plumbing aquaculture operations to repairing food carts, we deliver exceptional value for your business dollar.

We have worked on a number of small and medium commercial projects and enjoy especially good relationships with our clients in the service industry. Our restaurant projects include the old East Bank Saloon (now the Bit House Saloon), Woodstock's comfort food destination Bird and Bear, and the recently departed Irish pub KILT. We're plenty familiar with the City of Portland's evolving commercial plumbing code, and have helped upgrade quite a few grease traps.

Our service industry service also extends to Portland's food carts. We find that these operations are often in need of repairs, but are small and hesitate to call a plumber out just to fix the occasional leaky faucet or dripping drain. We've got a solution: shared pod maintenance. Get organized, get a list of your pod's plumbing problems, and call us for a single service trip for the whole pod. 

We've also plumbed a few indoor grow operations. We understand both the logistical and social aspects of these enterprises. We can install your service line, water heater, mixing valves with thermostatic controls, hose bibs, utility sinks and pumps. Your operation is a big investment, and we want to see you get the maximum return on that investment. As always, you can expect us to be professional, confidential, and discreet.

If you're shopping for estimates on your new commercial project, make sure you get one from us.

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Photo Credit: Bryan Ochalla
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