Water heater installations, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's), home additions, kitchen and bath remodels, new bathroom installations, and old home repipes—We can handle all of these major residential plumbing projects and more.

Our lifetime guarantee on all whole home repipes means that as long as you live in your home, we will stand by the work we've done. We can do this because we perform all of our work to the very highest standard, and we are sure that, short of someone physically damaging the plumbing, it shouldn't ever drip, spray, or hammer.

We have the expertise required for installing all of the latest residential water supply technologies like tankless (on-demand) water heaters, electric heat pump water heaters, and whole house water filters. We use some of these newer water technologies in our own home, and we are very familiar with their benefits and installation specifications. 

Installing newer, more energy-efficient, water heating technologies may qualify you for a variety of tax rebates. The incentives change from year to year, so consult the Energy Trust of Oregon, Energy Star, the Oregon Department of Energy, and your gas and electric utility for details.

If you are considering upgrading your water service or water heating, remodeling your kitchen or bath, or building an ADU or a major home addition, consider your plumber carefully. A friendly office team like ours can help you choose the best appliances and fixtures for your money, ensuring your satisfaction now and for years to come. Our field team is conscientious and thorough. Poorly installed plumbing can cause slow and largely imperceptible damage, until it's too late.

Call the last plumber you'll ever need to consider—get in touch with Puddletown today.

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